………..back again

Well, its been a quiet summer.

Red sightings around us are well down in general,  but we do have two youngsters back near ‘HQ’ here, which is great to see after a long absence.  I am hoping the numbers keep going up.  Their antics have been a real miss.

Reds have been seen at Spion Kop, Keepers Cottage, and Latterford…….great news!.

Countess Park near Redesmouth has been selected by RSNE as an ambasador site to be used in gathering data for scientific interest. I believe there are another 4 or 5 sites in the north also being used.

A willing volunteer is working at Hareshaw Linn to whom we are very grateful. 🙂

Greys have been seen at Dunterly and on redesmouth road out of Bellingham, the sightings have been forwarded to the Ranger.

We’ve had a few reports of Greys in Wark forest, but it is almost impossible to maintain them in any one area long enough to trap them. Hopefully they’ve kept on travelling!

Frustratingly we still have no access granted to a local estate to enable us to deal with Grey sightings sent to us in this area. It’s a shame really, when assistance is available from volunteers.

Autumn monitoring up Warks burn has again revealed greys back in an area three times previously cleared of them. Unfortunately during this monitoring period no reds were seen at all, when they have been present in the past which is a little worrying.
Trapping and control has begun, but with an abundance of natural food this is proving difficult.  This seems to be the theme among many of the volunteer groups we spoke with while at the Northern Red Squirrels AGM last week….however patience is a virtue as they say!.


One of the greys showing interest in a feeder station but not hungry enough to stay put for very long.

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